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Cyber threats on the rise!

Protecting yourself and your company online is an increasingly important task in today's day and age. To make it tougher, the requirements for online security are ever changing.

There will always be plenty of advice available on how to protect yourself, it can be a minefield. We hope this email makes things a little easier to digest.


Scams are when a cyber criminal contacts you out of the blue and tries to convince you to hand over your personal information or money or gets you to download a virus that infects your device.

Our Data Centres are all in the UK and all ISO 27001 certified

VSL only use ISO 27001 certified UK data centres. This means that you know where your data is held at all times and that it is always close at hand. By partnering with VSL you have complete peace of mind that our certification and facilities will allow you to meet your industries regulatory data requirements.

By associating with award winning data centres we are able to confidently publish and deliver against service level agreements that are the envy of our peers.

Your company emails could contain business critical data...

Think of all the things you share via email with your colleagues... What would happen if you lost that information?

Six reasons you should archive your business emails

The ever-increasing volume of email can be a serious challenge for companies; overloaded email servers, rising storage requirements etc.


A large part of your company’s critical data is likely saved in the form of emails... A user could permanently delete vital company knowledgewith just a single click of the mouse (whether intentionally or accidentally)!

Emails add to the ongoing storage requirementsof your company, complex backups and restore processes place additional strains on the IT department and their budgets!

What's the Solution?

Cryptomining Malware On The Rise

Cryptojacking refers to remotely accessing someone else’s computer or mobile without his or her consent for mining cryptocurrencies. The hacker either hacks a website attaching crypto-mining malware codes in the form of Javascript or drops the malware to someone’s computer/mobile through a link. The malware gets activated once the user accesses to the infected websites or open the link sent by the hacker.

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About Us

VSL Net is a division of Lane Telecommunications Inc. VSL are an experienced, ISO 9001 accredited Cloud services provider  offering innovative backup and email business solutions supported by traditional service to a loyal direct customer base and a large reseller channel.

VSL Net is an ISO9001 accredited company. Since our certification in 2013 the standard has provided the tools and guidance for us to implement a structure which has enhanced our quality management. Through continual monitoring across all operations and measurement against predefined standards, we consistently exceeded our published service level agreements.

The primary recipients of this consistency has been our customers who come to expect and enjoy the high standards we set ourselves and are not surprised when we exceed their expectations.


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