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What is email filtering?

Cloud email filtering works prior to your internet gateway to block advanced phishing, spam, malware, viruses, zero-day threats, malicious attachments, graymail, denial-of-service, and inappropriate content before it reaches your networks or computers and passes only good email to your inbox.



Why use Mailhive™ Email Filtering?


Mailhive™​ is a leading cloud email filtering service and one of the easiest ways to stop, manage and check unsolicited emails before you download them to your fixed or mobile device.​

Through a system of advanced spam filtering techniques and virus detection applications the service has built an unrivaled reputation for quarantining 99% of junk email and 100% of computer viruses and only passing good email into your inbox.

By detecting unwanted email at the gateway Mailhive™​ not only prevents dangerous email entering your systems, it also ensures online applications run quicker as it prevents misuse of your connection's bandwidth. ​

The service protects you against spam, viruses, malware, zero-day threats, malicious attachments, graymail, denial-of-service, and inappropriate content​, which save your business time and money managing hardware and software as well maximising staff productivity.

Mailhive™​ allows you to take control of mail delivery with an intuitive, real-time online portal. It provides administrative and user level control to manage the release of quarantined email, edit allow & block lists, set detection levels and much more.

Further more if you have a connection or server issue you can call upon the inclusive continuity feature to keep working.


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Fully featured email filtering


  • 100% virus detection

    By partnering with industry leading virus detection companies, Mailhive™​ 100% offers its users 100% detection guarantee against all known viruses

  • 99.97% uptime

    Mailhive™​ boasts a 99.97% up-time guarantee which is achieved through an advanced load balancing network operated over multiple UK data centres.

  • Real-time management

    A real-time portal gives you complete control over the delivery of email giving you the ability to fine tune the delivery of acceptable email. ​

  • No hardware / software required

    As Mailhive™ ​email filtering is classified as a Software as a Service (SaaS) there is no need for you to purchase or maintain any hardware or software.....saving money.


  • 99% spam detection

    By applying a system of advanced ​internal and external spam techniques the Mailhive™​ service is able to detect a guaranteed 99% of spam and unwanted email. ​

  • Unlimited support

    All Mailhive™​ email filtering plans include unlimited email and UK telephone support, which means you get expert help without the fear of additional fees.​

  • Money Back Guarantee

    All Mailhive™ email filtering plans are supported by a money back guarantee, which provides a refund if the service fails to deliver published standards.

  • Email continuity included

    As standard the Mailhive™ ​email filtering service provides a continuity feature which means if your server or connection fails your business can continue working.


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