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Veeam provides market-leading
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 What is Veeam®?


Veeam® is a provider of on-premise backup software that makes it easy for you to send your virtual machine backups off site to VSL's secure cloud storage. Using Veeam® with VSL means you don't have the cost & complexity of your own remote infrastructure​.

Veeam® also makes it easy for you to instantly​ recover files from backups held in the VSL cloud. Simply browse your backups online and restore exactly what you need, whether an entire VM or an individual email or spreadsheet.​


VSL can provide you with a secure location to securely, easily and reliably, backup your business data up to. By enabling Veeam Cloud Connect from your on-premise console, in the event of a data problem on your site, you are able to access the VSL hosted repositories and retrieve your data at any time. This can include individual files or whole Virtual Machines, on both VMware and Hyper-V platforms.

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You can also run your backups directly or copy in-house backups to us, either as they happen or on a scheduled basis. The solution can be combined with our Veeam Cloud Connect replication offering, to provide the ultimate protection for your business data.


Business benefits of cloud connect include:

greentickExtends your standard Veeam backup solution

greentickSimple & fast set up

greentickCost reduction by utilising existing technology

greentickSecure UK only Data Centres


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 Why Use Veeam® & VSL?



Veeam® in conjunction with VSL provides easy to use and affordable backup and availability in the cloud for both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments. All backups to VSL's cloud are stored in multiple ISO 27001 certified UK data centres.

More than 168,000 customers from large, medium and small companies worldwide use Veeam® to protect their investments in virtualisation. Veeam® & VSL together will safeguard your business critical virtual machines and provide fast access to your data (down to file / email level) when a restore is required.


A combined Veeam® & VSL solution also means you get your virtual machine backups off-site quickly and easily without adding bandwidth. The Veeam® built-in WAN Acceleration (Enterprise Plus edition) along with VSL's fast networks & enterprise storage will minimise data transfer times whilst maximising restore points. Users rest easy at all times when using Veeam® & VSL as their data is encrypted at source, in flight and at rest, thanks to Veeam® using 256-bit encryption and VSL's ISO 27001 certified UK data centres.


Prices from as little as £0.10 per GB




Fully featured VM cloud backup


  • Quick & Easy

    From the Veeam® backup console click on "Add Service Provider" and simply enter the details we provide you. You are now ready to start backing up.​

  • UK Data Centres

    Data backed up is held in state of the art award winning UK data centres. Their ISO 27001 accreditation means the maximum security for your business critical data.​​

  • Unlimited Backup & Restore

    Included within your VSL / Veeam® plan is the ability to perform unlimited backups and crucially restores which means you never receive unbudgeted costs.​

  • Initial Seed Load Service

    To ensure a usable backup is available in the shortest possible time your Virtual Machines can be transferred from a seed loaded drive directly into our cloud storage.

  • Unlimited Support

    All VSL / Veeam® Cloud Connect plans include unlimited email & telephone support which means you can get expert help without the fear of additional fees.​

  • Scalable

    All VSL / Veeam® plans are infinitely scalable. Storage can be increased in seconds meaning your backups continue uninterrupted as your data requirement grows.​

  • Money Back Guarantee

    All VSL / Veeam® plans are supported by a money back guarantee, which means if the service fails to deliver published standards you are entitled to a refund.​

  • Disaster Recovery

    If you have a complete Virtual Machine loss we are close at hand to deliver in double quick time a seeded drive with containing your VM to a location of your choice.


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