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Data is at the heart of every business and organisation. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for data and information to be lost during a disaster – this could be a power outage, flood, human error or computer virus. Your business needs a simple and effective solution to get back on the road in the event of a data, or system, outage.

When it comes to disasters and data loss, many business owners think they would, in a crisis, be able

to quickly come up with a ‘Plan B’ to work through the disruption facing them. Or perhaps even take the “it will never happen to me!” approach. However, simply hoping a disaster won’t strike, is not a strong strategy for protecting your business. To make sure you are prepared, you need a business continuity plan in place. This will allow you to maintain business as usual, and recover within a quick and realistic timeframe, when disaster strikes.


How can you survive? Here’s VSL’s Top Tips for helping make sure you are ready…


Know Your Key Products & Functions:

To protect what's important to your business you need to identify your key products & functions needed to deliver and meet expectations. Understand where they are vulnerable & threats they face.

Create a Business Continuity Plan, Document, Communicate & Test It:

A BC plan should be clearly documented & shared with the appropriate people. Ensure plans are communicated, understood & made available. Train your staff, ensure they are familiar with, & have confidence in, the BC Plan. Test your BC Plan through mock scenarios or exercises - Remember! Test different forms of disruption... adverse weather, human error...

Have confidence that VSL is adding to your BC Plan.

Keep Refreshing, Testing & Improving:

Plans that are years old will, most likely, not work when needed. Your BC Plan should be continually reviewed & improved, to keep it up to date.

Be Assured by Your Suppliers Resilience:

At VSL we take the security & protection of all your data very seriously. All VSL staff are trained on compliance to the Data Protection Act. All control panels are password protected and accessible over 128bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL), to give users of VSL services added confidence that any sensitive information stored on their behalf by VSL is safe and highly secure. In addition to this, all data has 256-bit AES encryption applied in flight & at rest, and is ever only stored in UK Data Centres with ISO 27001 Certification.

Have a Disaster Recovery Plan:

How will you respond when a disaster does strike? Make sure to rehearse your incident response in your test exercises. Have the proper systems in place to ensure that operations will continue in the event of a disaster. This includes staff being able to work remotely, and have access to critical resources if, for example, the physical office is not available.

UK Data Centres

VSL only use ISO 27001 certified UK data centres. This means that you know where your data is held at all times and that it is always close at hand. By partnering with VSL you have complete peace of mind that our certification and facilities will allow you to meet your industries regulatory data requirements.

By associating with award winning data centres we are able to confidently publish and deliver against service level agreements that are the envy of our peers.


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