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Why backup a Synology NAS?


The reason you should backup up a Synology NAS is because it isn't a backup, it is simply a network drive.

Statistics tell us that staff members will delete company data. In the main accidentally, but sometimes intentionally. A high percentage (up to 70%) of data loss incidents are down to users deleting content and 35% of those incidents are non retrievable.

The consequence of such losses, is that an unpredictable amount of time and money will be spent managing the loss without a guarantee of retrieval. In most cases such an instance is more expensive than one full year's Datahive™ subscription. ​

In addition to deletion, data on a Synology NAS is also at risk from a ransomware attack. Ransomware is the latest and fastest growing internet malware. Like all viruses it gains access through security failings in networks and software, or tricks your customers to install it through a download hidden in a web page or links in an email. If infected ransomware will encrypt all data on network drives along with any attached Synology NAS devices.

These attacks target your biggest and smallest customers as well as multiple platforms, including both Mac and PC operating systems.

If infected, implementing a Datahive™ plan will nullify the effects.


How can you survive?


Datahive™ Cloud Backup has an optional module, which is designed to safeguard your customer's Synology NAS from accidental or intentional deletion and ransomware. This enhanced feature delivers true peace of mind by eliminating the inevitable loss of data.

Datahive™ online backup is a mature UK service which has provided reliable backups to businesses for over 13 years. Users feel safe in the knowledge that their data is always available, close at hand and managed by an experienced cloud backup provider.

To further enhance confidence in the Datahive™ service, it is backed by service level agreements which boast a money back guarantee should the service fail to meet the published levels of availability and support response.

All your customers data backed up using Datahive™ is encrypted to military standards (AES 256-bit) whether in flight, at rest or during replication between our award winning ISO 27001 certified UK data centres.​ Security is at the heart of the Datahive™ backup service.​​

UK Data Centres

VSL only use ISO 27001 certified UK data centres. This means that you know where your data is held at all times and that it is always close at hand. By partnering with VSL you have complete peace of mind that our certification and facilities will allow you to meet your industries regulatory data requirements.

By associating with award winning data centres we are able to confidently publish and deliver against service level agreements that are the envy of our peers.


Plans from as little as
£19.80 per month


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Fully featured Synology NAS cloud backup


  • Direct Installation on Synology DSM

    An agent is installed on the Synology DSM, meaning there's no need to mount the NAS as a network share to make the data accessible, unlike other backup software.​​​​​​

  • Unlimited Retention

    Included within all Datahive™ cloud backup plans is the ability to set “Unlimited” retention, which means deliberate or accidental loss, no matter how historic can easily be recovered​.​

  • UK Data Centres

    All data is backed up to state of the art award winning UK data centres. Their ISO 27001 accreditation means the maximum security for your business critical data.​​​

  • Initial Seed Load Service

    To ensure a usable backup is available in the shortest possible time your data can be transferred from a seed loaded drive directly into the Datahive™ cloud storage.​​​​


  • Cloud to Cloud

    Datahive™ also includes features to backup Microsoft O365 Online Mailboxes, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive / Google Cloud Storage & Dropbox.


  • Secure

    Datahive™ enforces 256bit AES encryption to all data in flight and at rest. This encryption is always maintained until the unique account de-cryption key is applied.​​​

  • Scalable & Flexible Plans​

    All Datahive™ cloud backup plans are infinitely scalable & flexible. You need never run out of space & backup your Synology NAS & Microsoft O365 Online Mailboxes, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox & much more.​​​​

  • Money Back Guarantee

    All Datahive™ plans are supported by a money back guarantee, which means if the service fails to deliver published standards you are entitled to a refund.​​

  • Disaster Recovery

    If you have a complete data loss we are close at hand to deliver in double quick time a seeded drive with all of the replacement data to a location of your choice.​​​

  • Virtual Machines & Spin up

    Datahive™ can backup your Hyper-V & VMware virtual machines to our cloud storage, whilst also offering the ability, within minutes, to spin up an instance locally.

Reseller Pricing

StorageStandard Plans
50GB (Unlimited Retention)​£9.90​£99.90​
​75GB (Unlimited Retention)£14.90​​£149.90
100GB​ (Unlimited Retention)​£19.90​£199.90
250GB​ (Unlimited Retention)£24.90​£249.90
​1TB ** (14 day Retention Maximum)​        *£29.90*        *£299.90* (0.024p/GB)
​1TB (30 day Retention Maximum)​£32.89​£328.90
​1TB​ (90 day Retention Maximum)£38.87£388.70​
​1TB​ (180 day Retention Maximum)​£44.85£448.50
​1TB​ (Unlimited Retention)​£59.80​£598.90
​For plans above 1TB call 0845 258 1500​Call​Call
Synology NAS Backup Module​-​£99.90​



Datahive™​ includes features to support & backup the following:
Windows / Mac & Linux OS / Files & Folders / MS Exchange & SQL / Windows System
System State / Hyper-V & VMware VM's MySql / Office365 Mailbox & OneDrive
Google Drive & Google Storage / Dropbox and much more




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